Heavens Gateway Drugs

Heaven’s Gateway Drugs is a counterculture cult rock band hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, a rust belt city best known for its abundance of churches and strip clubs. Despite being born in a location that couldn’t be farther from a psychedelic epicenter, Heaven’s Gateway Drugs creates a unique combination of freakbeat, west coast psych, mod, and eastern drone to create a sound that is just at home today as it was in 1968. The origins of Heaven’s Gateway Drugs are as hazy as the music the band makes. At some point in late 2011 three friends wrote a handful of songs that would end up being the first HGD EP. A few demos were made and some time passed and eventually the demos found their way into the hands of a local promoter who immediately asked the band to open for the Night Beats who were coming through Fort Wayne in March of 2012. Inspired, the guys found a bass player and begin working on new material for the show. In the audience that night was Ben Carr, an enigmatic – shaman-esque local with a very unique worldview. During the band’s set, Ben was overcome by visions and insights into the soul of mankind. He claims that then and there he understood his calling in life and asked the band after the show if he could use the band as platform to spread his message. Over the next few years the band has developed a cult-like following throughout the midwest and beyond playing at clubs and festivals. In 2015 the band announced they would be putting out a full length vinyl record in 2016 with Dizzybird Records (Heaters, Cool Ghouls, Las Rosas, Gringo Star).