Dudes/dudettes, I reviewed Bill MacKay’s new Esker LP for Aquarium Drunkard this week. I heartily recommend it – lots of zones to get lost in. After you check it out, check out Joel’s fantastic tape of a recent live jam sesh with MacKay, Douglas McCombs (Brokeback, Tortoise, Eleventh Dream Day) and drummer Charles Rumback. Sparks fly!

Joel sez: We here at sweetblahg (the royal we, the editorial) are proud to present their new trio’s debut: two 20minute jams. McCombs’s short stabs, low-end riffage and huge swells provide the perfect counterpoint to MacKay’s flowing, pastoral runs and dreamy slide melodies. Rumback’s subtle, ever-shifting percussion leaves both guitarists a ton of space but never falls into a purely supportive role. These three are locked in the first note through the last.

McCombs/MacKay/Rumback The Constellation, Chicago, Illinois, April 5, 2017 Live Show Review

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