Har b&wHar-di-Har is Julie and Andrew Thoreen. Corn-belt raised and married young, this Minneapolis art-pop duo has made music together since 2012. Having formed in Cedar Falls, Iowa the band spent many years touring and playing shows in the DIY music scene in the midwest. Their music floats somewhere between experimental dream pop, freak folk and a strange musical you probably wouldn’t take your grandma to see. Paired with evocative, narrative, and at times, vulnerable lyrical content about human relationship to community, their music attempts to boldly examine the reality of intimacy around which our popular culture tiptoes. Riding the line of the avant-garde music and performative art genres, their live performance invites the audience in as a familial witness to the vivid, awkward and vulnerable life of their own intimate relationship through performance on stage. Their debut full-length album will be release in Fall 2017.

Website: hardihar.com 
Music: https://har-di-har.bandcamp.com