Rundle was born and raised in Los Angeles together with her sister in a household where a lot of folk music was played and has cited Kate Bush and David Lynch as influences, just to name a few. With her first band, the Nocturnes, she released the “Wellington” EP in 2008 and two albums  “A Year of Spring (2009) and Aokigahara (2011). Rundle also joined Red Sparowes and played on their third album, “The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies the Answer”which was released by Sargent House on April 6, 2010. She self-released an ambient guitar album, “Electric Guitar: One” in 2011 and formed the trio Marriages, who have released the “Kitsune” EP in 2012 and “Salome” full-length in 2015. On January 7, 2013, she self-released the album “Somnambulant, attributed to the Headless Prince of Zolpidem, which she described as “my somewhat anonymous downtempo, somewhat creepy electronic dark wave project”. Rundle’s official debut solo album “Some Heavy Ocean” was released on in 2014 by Sargent House. It was co-produced by Chris Common and recorded at the Sargent House studio. Rundle lived at the studio complex as an artist-in-residence for the period. The release was accompanied by a US tour with King Buzzo of Melvins. Rundle suffers from Adenomyosis which in part inspired the material on her second album “Marked For Death” which was produced by Sonny DiPerri and was released in October 2016 on Sargent House. In January 2017 she released a split EP with Jaye Jayle, titled “The Time Between Us”.