After a depressive and anxiety ridden experience working for a punk music magazine, Wells turned from his involvement in aggressive music—such as fronting the hardcore band NERV and playing bass in the international touring Minneapolis Uranium Club Band—to the calming influences of the natural world and minimal electronic composition. While recordings resemble the work of artists such as Zomes—the meditative side project of Lungfish’s Asa Osborne—and Haruomi Hosono’s compositions for in-store background music, live shows have been known to take on aspects of performance art including motivational speaking, dance, costume, live baptism, and guided meditation.


We live in a botanical world. Every day, all around us, plants are transforming sunlight into chemical energy and providing us with oxygen, food, fiber, fuel, shelter, and medicine. Plants are the silent support system that makes our planet livable. Although many of us see plants as intimate objects, new research shows that plants can learn and that they have memory and decision-making capabilities.

Many herbalists and plant people speak about botanical intelligence and say that plants will “tell” you their story and uses, if you know how to listen. Brendan Wells’ Plant Music is how I imagine plants would sound if they spoke a musical language audible to human ears.

Think about this. Plants are needed now more than ever and offer solutions to many of our most pressing environmental issues. Plants purify water, stop erosion, bio-remediate degraded land, and sequester excess atmospheric carbon which contributes to climate change. Plants can help us regenerate our world.

I hope you’ll enjoy this journey into the world of plant music as much as I do.

– Jill Cloutier of The Plant Report podcast and Sustainable World Radio